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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

About Students

EDLounge can be tailor made for any student within any educational establishment. We currently have over 60,000 users in over 200 schools using the site in a range of approaches.

Our provision enables a regulated system so that everything a student does is tracked, which allows the student to develop their knowledge and understanding of the subjects within their own specific learning pathway (which would include essential qualifications). We offer high quality vocational and academic qualifications for the students, alongside 7,000+ core and foundation lessons, puzzles, and quizzes to enhance the students' learning and attainment.

Students follow extensive pathways and programmes within EDLounge which, due to the ease of its set up, can work very easily with other provisions that are in place. Students work independently through a bank of learning content alongside their other work to create a unique package regardless of environment, facilities or budget. Our resource clearly addresses up-to-date government legislation regarding off-site provisions, attendance, headline measures, values and the Best 8 scores that govern academies, schools and educational establishments.  Within EDLounge we use innovative strategies to achieve success and quality qualifications for your students whilst raising whole school standards.