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In recent months, EDLounge has worked with inspirational senior leaders and spent many hours reading literature: educational papers, journals, blogs, editorials and white papers, with the aim of adapting our present tracking and technology within our cloud platform. Why? To produce a unique piece of software and a system which can be tailored to suit any educational organisation’s 'assessment without levels' approach. 

Our Assessment Framework incorporates:

  • Mastery statements
  • Teaching and Learning Progress Grids
  • Student achievement statements
  • Objective-based tracking
  • Formative assessment
  • Summative assessment
  • Analysis of performance by teachers and students
  • Parental involvement


Our Assessment System:

  • Can be bespoke and editable for any establishment
  • Can address any assessment approach
  • Supports individual progress
  • Uses a range of assessment tools to capture and record progress
  • Uses technology to track attainment and progress
  • Makes reporting instant to staff, students and parents

We launched our 'assessment without levels' software in EDLounge so that it can work for any of our schools. We have now created a unique platform to incorporate mastery statements, objective tracking and teaching / learning progress grids, alongside an assessment grid which can be tailored to any school's assessment framework. ‚ÄčOur framework also includes the objectives found in English, Maths and Science, to be covered throughout the year. This allows us to incorporate summative or formative feedback in our software. Whatever your approach to assessment without levels, we can manipulate our software to match your needs. Our assessment system enables you to create a model of assessment that your staff know will work and which will suit them.


Tracking & Reporting

Within 'assessment without levels' we have incorporated 'any curriculum or assessment builder,' for any method of assessment. There is comprehensive tracking and progress reporting for an individual, class, target group, catch up group, year group or key stage group (as below)


Our Assessment Tracking and Reporting helps you:

  • Compare each child’s standard of attainment against school and national expectations
  • Compare and assess each individual learner's / target group's and whole year group's answers, feedback and progress


Our Assessment package

  • Any type of summative and formative assessment can be assessed, tracked, monitored and recorded
  • Students' expectations, strengths and weaknesses are highlighted and monitored
  • The graphical data page allows comparisons between actual classroom progress and students’ expected and predicted progress
  • Assessment dates, deadlines and progress reports are easily created to review
  • You can create a teacher page to comment on/assess work, behaviour, attendance and attainment alongside achievement
  • Use a student page to identify strengths, weaknesses, effort and behaviour against the expectations
  • Create your own exams, homework, lessons, and baseline tests
  • Develop an extensive breakdown of every question, exam and assessed area for all cohorts, target groups, classes and individuals
  • Create a student and parent-friendly area to extrapolate and understand assessment data through progress reports, comments and graphs
  • Create target groups and procedures to enhance ‘catch up’ students' progress in English, Maths and Science
  • Use a Head of Department page to set up an assessment from the curriculum page
  • Create a bank of statements for issues, targets, expectations and comments
  • Access instant and bespoke inspection-ready reports


Types of assessment

Types of assessment that can be tailored for your assessment policy:

  • Teacher observations/teacher judgments
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding of topic
  • Exams
  • Baseline tests
  • Benchmark tests and exams
  • Coursework
  • Presentations
  • Behaviour
  • Attitude to learning
  • Classwork
  • Individual presentations
  • Attendance
  • Student statement
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Grammar
  • Homework
  • Effort
  • Practical work
  • Competence
  • Organisation
  • Readiness to learn
  • Engagement
  • Cross-curricular development
  • Spiritual, moral, cultural and social development
  • Writing
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Homework
  • Peer work
  • Evaluation skills
  • Skill Development
  • Group work


Assessment Reporting

Our resource:

  • is KS1/KS2/KS3 and KS4 compatible for any assessment, grading and tracking system and approach
  • works alongside the GCSE number grading framework
  • ensures all reports and tracking reports are exportable, downloadable and printable
  • is SIMs compatible
  • can be incorporated for academy chains, groups of schools and for transitional aspects between primary and secondary establishments
  • has 10,000+ lessons to work alongside your curriculum
  • can be made bespoke - every aspect can be edited and turned on / off
  • has a comprehensive range of tools to help students, staff and governors understand assessment and grading systems used in your establishment
  • instantly updates to show live tracking data for reports and progress being made and both student and teacher work being submitted (see graph below):


Easy-to-use software

Within our 'Assessment without Levels' software, your teachers have the facility to create and mark: monitor and report:

  • Exams
  • Lessons
  • Projects
  • Coursework
  • End of unit tests
  • End of unit baseline tests

And to record, monitor and report:

  • ‘Close the gap pathways’ for students to catch up
  • Subject performance for each student, class or target group within the classroom, in EDClass, independently, in exams and homework (as below - incorporating percentages)
  • Progress made alongside teaching and learning
  • Week-by-week/term-by-term progress

The software also allows your staff to:

  • track against levels of progress (as below)
  • stipulate how much progress must be made per year
  • measure whether pupils are on track to meet end of Key Stage expectations
  • show lesson-by-lesson / week-by-week / term-by-term assessment and progress
  • identify strengths and weaknesses against expectations per year / per topic / per term / per half term
  • provide feedback and comments regarding what has been done well and what needs to improve per lesson, topic, term, year and Key Stage. This can be reported to staff, students and parents
  • help faculty / staff recognise where students are struggling and address problems immediately (showing different types of graphs and indicators as below)


Students: Expectations and progress

Learners also have a facility at the end of term, assessment module or topic to evaluate their own:

  • Effort
  • Behaviour
  • Attainment
  • Strengths and weaknesses

and then set their own targets whilst evaluating their progress (as seen below for students, teachers and parents)


Examples of what our 'Assessment without Levels' framework and system can offer your establishment (primary or secondary)

Our assessment grading system can incorporate any grade, image, colour, point, percentage, or statement-based assessment approach. We can match your approach to the student's expectation levels and progress within each topic, term, subject, year or Key Stage.


Recently we have made even more changes from DfE Recommendations

From the DfE recommendations for schools we have also added:

  1. A facility to have a range of assessment types to recognise the opportunities arising from the new curriculum and the removal of levels
  2. The facility to make all assessment methods bespoke to meet the needs of all schools to develop their assessment policies through our Teaching and Learning Progress Grids.
  3. Comprehensive new tracking that provides school leaders with data to enable progress to be monitored across year groups and over time.

Any aspect of our assessment framework can be moderated, bespoke and turned on/off. Our assessment framework can be tailored for any teaching group. 

Please call us on 01909 568 338 for a free no obligation trial. We can get your establishment up and running within 24 hours using any assessment without levels approach.

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