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Subjects and Courses

The Business Studies content enables coverage of GCSE Business Studies and BTEC (NQF) Business Studies for academic and vocational learners. The lessons that students can complete are:

  • Adding Value
  • Advertising
  • An Initial Plan for a Business Idea
  • Analysing a Balance Sheet
  • Analysing a Profit and Loss Account
  • Analysing Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Analysing Data for Planning and Decision Making
  • Assessing the Suitability of a Business Idea – Estimating Resources
  • Be Able to Carry Out Market Research
  • Benefits of Promotion to Business
  • Benefits of Successful Branding
  • Breakeven
  • Breakeven Charts
  • Breakeven Formula and Charts
  • Budgeting
  • Business Expenditure
  • Business Formats - Limited Companies
  • Business Formats - Partnerships
  • Business Formats - Public Limited Companies
  • Business Formats - Social Enterprise
  • Business Formats - Sole Traders
  • Business Ideas - Entrepreneurs
  • Business Ideas - Innovative Solutions
  • Business Ideas - Benefits and Features
  • Business Ideas - Meeting the Needs of Customers
  • Business Ideas - Researching the Market
  • Business Ideas - Selecting a Product or Service and Targeting Customers
  • Business Models - Components – Business Objectives
  • Business Models - Components – Goods or Service, Delivery, Business Aims
  • Business Models - Components – Research
  • Business Models - Components – Stakeholders
  • Business Models - Definition
  • Business Models - Justify Why the Business Idea Will Succeed
  • Calculating Profit and Loss
  • Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Closing a Sale
  • Closing Techniques
  • Communicating With Customers Using Different Types of Communication
  • Complying With the Law
  • Consistent and Reliable Customer Service
  • Costs of Sales and Gross Profit
  • Customer Care and After-Sales Service
  • Customer Enquiries and Dealing with Complaints
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Developing Customer Care and Building Relationships
  • Direct and Indirect Costs
  • Direct Marketing
  • Effective Brand
  • Effects of Good Customer Service
  • Employing and Managing Others
  • Enterprise in the Business World
  • ​Environment Trends
  • Establishing Customer Requirements 
  • Ethical Codes
  • Ethical Trends
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Exchange Rates and the Cost of Borrowing.
  • Feedback and Testing
  • Finance for Business
  • Financial Modelling and Forecasting
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Statements – A Completed Balance Sheet
  • Financial Statements – Balance Sheet
  • Financial Statements – Profit and Loss Account
  • Fixed and Variable Costs
  • Gross Profits
  • Inflows and Outflow in Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Intro:  What is Branding?
  • Intro: Lesson - What is Selling?
  • Key Features of Selling
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Legislation
  • Liaison With Other Departments
  • Limitations of Breakeven
  • Local Factors Which Impact on the Business Environment
  • Maintaining Appropriate Appearance and Attitude
  • Market Mix
  • Market Trends and their Impact on Businesses
  • Methods of Recording
  • National and Local Factors Which Impact on the Business Environment
  • ​National Factors Which Impact on the Business Environment
  • Net Profits
  • Operating\Running Costs
  • Organisational Procedures
  • Personal Selling
  • Persuading and Reinforcement
  • Plan an Idea for a New Business: ​An Initial Plan for a Business Idea - Supporting Evidence
  • Plan an Idea for a New Business: Assessing the Suitability of a Business Idea – Major Barriers
  • Plan an Idea for a New Business: Assessing the Suitability of a Business Idea – Resources and an Appropriate Idea
  • Plan an Idea for a New Business: An Initial Plan for a Business Idea - Supporting Evidence
  • Planning A Promotional Campaign
  • Planning Ideas For A Brand
  • Preparing for Sales Process
  • Preparing Sales Area and Awareness of Personal Space
  • Product Knowledge
  • Profit and Loss
  • Promotional Mix
  • Public Relations
  • Purpose of Organisational Procedures
  • Reflective Practice
  • Repeat Purchase
  • Research Using Different Media Sources
  • Research Using Newspapers
  • Researching and Finding Information     
  • Revenue
  • Sales
  • Sales Motivation
  • Sales Prepartion Skills
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Promotion
  • Selling Techniques
  • ​Size and Type of Business
  • Skills of Sales Staff
  • Social Trends – Education, Labour Market, Commuting to Work
  • Social Trends – Population and Households
  • Sources of Help
  • Sources of Help – Research and Advice
  • Start-Up Costs
  • Start-Up Costs and Operating Costs
  • Successful Business Ideas – How to Measure Success
  • Successful Business Ideas – Identifying New Needs and Continuing to Meet Customer Needs
  • Successful Business Ideas – Meeting Customer Needs
  • Successful Business Ideas – The Importance of a Strong Vision
  • Support and Advice for a Start-Up Business
  • Support Networks – Charities and Voluntary Organisations
  • Support Networks – Family and Charities
  • Support Networks
  • ​Technology Trends
  • The Business Environment
  • The Economy and How it Impacts on the Business Environment
  • The Marketing Plan
  • The Marketing Plan - Marketing Concepts Used by Business
  • Total Costs
  • Types of Branding
  • Types of Customers
  • Unsuccessful Branding
  • Up-Selling
  • Using the Internet for Research.
  • What is Business and What is a Business Objective?
  • Why Businesses Promote
  • Why Businesses Use Branding

Please note: we are adding more content weekly for the learners.


Business Studies (NQF)

Business Studies @ Level 1 & 2 (NQF) 
QAN Code: 600 / 4786 / 0

The Business Studies courses we offer count towards your school's Performance Scores.

  • Business Studies @ Level 1 & 2 (NQF) - 600 / 4786 / 0 (Through EDEXCEL)

The EDLounge system enables us to offer Business Studies qualifications for your establishment. 

These are the new units that are taught within EDLounge for Business Studies:

  • Unit 1 - Enterprise in the Business World
  • Unit 2 - Finance for Business
  • Unit 3 - Promoting a Brand
  • Unit 4 - Principles of Customer Service
  • Unit 6 - Introducing Retail Business

These are 120 hour courses and include an exam. EDLounge assessors, online tutors and support will help your Alternative Curriculum, Foundation and vulnerable students through the Business Studies BTEC course and you have total transparency of our quality procedures and structures.

Business Studies Prices

Qualification Type

With Centre Number

Without Centre Number

NQF Extended Certificate

 £750 per Student

 £825 per Student

Business Studies Mock Exams Only package = Exams only (assessed, marked and with feedback)


1 exam

(per student) including marking


3 exams (full suite)

(per student) including marking


Business Studies



We can also offer your students practice BTEC Business Studies exams online that can be used as revision, mock exams or practice exams which could be taken under exam conditions; they can be 'live' and turned on and off with just a click, allowing them only to be open within specific times chosen by your establishment.

Please Note: If your organisation is NOT a registered centre, we can register the students for you and they will then follow our standards verification, quality review and assessment procedures.

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