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Subjects & Courses

Within ICT and/or Computer Science section we have a ever growing list of lessons, quizzes, plans and resources available for any learner at any ability. Here is our comprehensive list of lessons that are available:

  • Adding a New Blog Post
  • Adding action to a button 
  • Adding and renaming components
  • Adding Content to WordPress Pages
  • Adding Multimedia to WordPress Pages via Google Drive
  • Adding multiple screens
  • Adding sound
  • Adding Text to Speech
  • Blogs/Online Applications
  • Body Language
  • Building A Working Relationship With Colleagues
  • Building A Working Relationship With Customers
  • Changing Themes and Setting the Homepage and Blog Page
  • Characteristics Valued by Employers in the IT Industry
  • Checking and Testing Websites
  • Combining Information In a Website
  • Communication
  • Communication - Internet banking
  • Communication Skills
  • Communication Skills Tasks
  • Communication Task To Develop Skills
  • Computer networking
  • Computer programs and terminology
  • Create Webpages in WordPress
  • Creating a Database Form
  • Creating a Database Table
  • Creating a Main Menu Form
  • Creating a Team, Commitment, and Working as a Team in An IT Setting.
  • Creating a WordPress Account
  • Creating Another Database Table
  • CSS Properties & Values Reference
  • Data Exchange
  • Data Integrity in a Database
  • Data Storage
  • Data Storage Requirements
  • Data structures
  • Data transfer
  • Database Development Check List
  • Database Query Structure
  • Database Subforms
  • Database Table Structures
  • Database Test Plan
  • Database Validation Rules
  • Design and Construction of a Website
  • DESIGN Flow charts
  • DESIGN Storyboards and Assets
  • Designing a Database
  • Developing Listening Skills in IT
  • Downloading and accessing App Inventor
  • Email
  • Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Exporting Data Out of Access
  • Expressions In Access
  • Features of Apps
  • Features of mobile apps
  • Firewalls
  • Flow chart processes, inputs and outputs
  • Flow chart symbols
  • Flow charts
  • Following Instructions
  • Formal and Informal Communication
  • Formal and Informal Communication
  • Format and Edit Webpages
  • Fundamental Principles of Computing
  • General Characteristics
  • General IT Job Opportunities
  • Generating Reports from a Database
  • Getting a Job  -  A Practical Guide for Young People.
  • Hardware
  • Hitting Your Deadlines
  • HTML & CSS Introduction
  • HTML 5 New Elements
  • HTML Attributes, Headings and Paragraphs
  • HTML Block Elements, Inline Elements & Layouts
  • HTML for Beginners - CSS With HTML Introduction
  • HTML for Beginners - HTML Code Basics
  • HTML for Beginners - HTML Formatting Basics
  • HTML for Beginners - Making a School Activity Web Page
  • HTML for Beginners - Other Useful HTML Elements and Techniques
  • HTML for Beginners - Where to Start?
  • HTML Introduction
  • HTML Links and Images Advanced
  • HTML Responsive Web Design
  • HTML Styling Introduction
  • HTML Tables and Lists
  • HTML Useful Techniques
  • I.T ROD
  • ICT - Operative Verbs Part
  • Import External Data into a Database using Text Files
  • Import External Spreadsheet Data into a Database
  • Improving Productivity and Accuracy in a Database
  • Installing or upgrading an operating system
  • Instant messaging
  • Instant messaging
  • Interactivity and Client Needs in Websites
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Key terms in online communication
  • Key terms in online communication
  • Launching the blocks editor
  • Launching the emulator
  • Listening Task To Develop Skills
  • Macros
  • MIT App Inventor
  • MIT App Inventor: Setting up your app and using the components designer
  • Multi-user Computers
  • Multiple Criteria Queries
  • Online Advertising
  • Online Communication
  • Online Communication (Cloud computing)
  • Online Communication (IM and VoIP)
  • Online Document Systems
  • Online Services
  • Online Threats
  • Operating systems
  • Organising Your Plan, Deadlines and Project.
  • Personal Computers
  • Plagiarism
  • Podcasting
  • Programming
  • Prompting sound to play
  • Pseudo Code
  • Publishing a Website
  • Real-time information
  • Relational Database
  • Removing the Ability to Share Pages and Add Comments
  • Representing Data Electronically: Bits and Bytes
  • Review of Instagram
  • Reviewing a Website
  • Reviewing and Evaluating
  • Reviewing existing apps - NavFree
  • Reviewing your Database
  • Saving your app as an .apk file ready for a device
  • Scratch For Beginners 1
  • Secure Websites/Encryption
  • Securing Data/Encryption
  • Securing Your Access Database
  • Self Management Skills within the I.T Industry.
  • Skills for Employment
  • Software
  • Software programming
  • Solving Work Related Problems
  • Solving Work-related Problems in the IT Industry
  • Teamwork in an IT Team Tasks
  • Technology systems
  • Testing a Database
  • Testing and Gathering Feedback
  • Testing Your Database
  • The Data Protection Act
  • The future development of technology systems
  • The Internal Components of a computer: CPU
  • The Internal Components of a Computer: Non-CPU Components
  • The Internet
  • The Systems Life Cycle
  • The Worldwide Web
  • Thesaurus and Spell Check
  • Threats to data
  • Time and Self Management Skills
  • Types of Databases
  • Types of Signals
  • Use of Websites
  • User Documentation
  • Uses of a computer network
  • Uses of Apps
  • Using a table arrangement
  • Using Microsoft Word
  • Using the blocks editor
  • Using the emulator and downloading your app
  • Utility software
  • Video Conferencing
  • Web Architecture (ISPs & Hosting)
  • Web Components (Hardware)
  • Web Components (Software)
  • Web Domains
  • What is a Database
  • What is a Word Processor?
  • What is an App?
  • Why is Database Software Used?
  • Wikis
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Working As A Team
  • Working in a Team - Code of Conduct
  • Working in a Team Within IT
  • Working in an IT Team - Taking Part in a Team Talk
  • Working in the IT Industry
  • Working in the IT Industry - Attitudes
  • Working in the IT Industry - General Characteristics
  • Your Own Body Language

IT @ Level 1 & 2 (Ext certificate) (NQF) 
QAN Code: 600 / 4789 / 6

The IT courses we offer count towards your schools’ A* - C Performance scores.

  • IT @ Level 1 & 2 (Extended certificate) (NQF) - 600 / 4789 / 6 (Through EDEXCEL)

The EDLounge system enables us to offer Information Technology qualifications for your establishment. It enables us to provide qualifications for year 11s (2014) on the old QCF framework and your new cohort of students who must follow the new Next Generation BTECs on the NQF framework.

Please note: These fall under the new NQF framework (from September 2013) for the headline measures in 2015 for Information Technology.

The following are the new units that are taught within EDLounge for Information Technology:

  • Unit 1 - The Online World
  • Unit 3 - A Digital Portfolio
  • Unit 8 - Mobile Apps Development
  • Unit 9 - Spreadsheet Development
  • Unit 10 - Database Development
  • Unit 13 - Website Development

This is a 120 guided learning hours course which includes an exam. EDLounge assessors, online tutors, and support will help your Alternative Curriculum, Foundation and vulnerable students through the IT BTEC course and you have total transparency of our quality procedures and structures.


We can also offer your students practice Next Generation BTEC IT exams online that can be used as revision, dummy exams, mock exams, or practice exams which could be taken under exam conditions; they can be live and turned on and off with just the touch of a button, allowing them to only be open within specific bespoke times for your establishment.

Information Technology Prices

Qualification Type

With Centre Number

Without Centre Number

QCF Certificate

£395 per Student

£445 per Student

NQF Extended Certificate

£475 per Student

£525 per Student

Please Note: If your organisation is NOT a registered centre, we can register the students for you and they will then follow our standards verification, quality review and assessment procedures.

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