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Our Policies

EDLounge is committed to promoting understanding of the principles and practices of equality and justice. Within EDLounge and EDQuals we wish to create and maintain a trusting, secure and happy online service and environment where everyone can work as equals regardless of sex, colour, origin, culture or ability. 


Our aim is to equip pupils with an awareness of our diverse society and to appreciate the value of difference. This will be achieved by adherence to the following principles: 

 Any discrimination to staff, students, Assessors, support staff, admin, and verifiers on the basis of colour, culture, origin, sex or ability is not acceptable. 

 All students have opportunities to achieve their potential

 The primary objective of EDLounge and EDQuals  will be to educate, develop and prepare all our pupils for life whatever their sex, colour, origin, culture or ability. 

 Pupils, individuals, employees and EDLounge Staff will further this objective by contributing towards a happy and caring environment and by showing respect for, and appreciation of, one another as individuals. 

 All members of the EDLounge have responsibilities to promote equality of opportunity, experience and treatment, and to challenge stereotypes if they are within the system. 

 The EDLounge community consists of a diverse range of people – employees, verifiers, assessors, external verifiers, visitors, students and parents. We need to celebrate our differences, by understanding them an enjoying the diversity this brings.

Equal Opportunities

All students, individuals and adults within the EDLounge online resource have a right to be treated with respect. This includes a right to:

 Study, learn, work and enhance their potential

 Physical, emotional and verbal respect, free from violence, bullying and abusive language.

 Respect for their gender, race and age.

 Freedom from sexual comments or harassment and inappropriate use of humour

 The safety of their content, assignments, property, and work.

 Equal opportunities in relation to course access, access to information, activities, work experience.

Students and adults within EDLounge and EDQuals are encouraged to challenge any inappropriate behaviour or comments. 


Support is available for students online via support, instant chat, and via the secure email system with a trained and trusted EDLounge adult.

Created: Jan 2018
Last reviewed: Jan 2019
Next review: Jan 2020

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