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A unique whole school management and learning solution.


This brand new facility of EDLounge enables students to complete knowledge and understanding lessons along with the ability to experience and practise the type of questioning they will encounter in their exams. Work will then be marked by our qualified exam support staff and fed back to the students to help them identify areas for improvement.

Our aim is for students to be familiar to exam layouts, types of questions, and the pressures of the new KS1, KS2, GCSE, Alevel and BTEC exam terminology.

You can create, assign and process your own exams or choose from numerous our numerous catalogue of exams in the following subjects: English, Maths, Science and Applied Science, Creative Media, Business Studies, P.E, I.C.T, and Hospitality.  These have been written by experienced standard verifiers.

We have three options available to you and your students to help prepare them and improve their exam techniques:

1) Open Mock Exam

Access available to EDLounge at any time for the students.

2) Custom Mock Exam

The access to EDLounge and its content can be timetabled to fit around your school day and unlocked at certain times for your students to complete.

3) Closed ‘Out of Hours’ Mock Exam

The lessons and exams would become available out of school hours only. This would mean students having to use their own time to study.

Our Exam Bundles

The mocks can be purchased either individually or in a bundle of 2 or 6.

A singular purchase would enable the student to work through the lesson pathway in a particular subject and take the exam at the end; this pathway and exam can be taken multiple times throughout the year leading up to the real thing.

The purchase of multiple mock exams means that you can specify when to 'surprise' your students throughout their learning pathway, so that the exam pressures of timing can be developed.

All purchases include knowledge and understanding lessons on a specific subject, tracking and monitoring of your student's progress and unique support from our team of experts including assessors, markers and verifiers. Once the mock has been marked, feedback will be given.

A free demonstration and two week trial is available upon request. Please note the trial account will give you and your students access to the lessons, lesson layout, tracking and monitoring facilities only. The actual mock exam content will be released following purchase.


Our Revision package enables your learners to receive a tailored approach to their Revision set by your staff. 

Learners can also follow timed, one - off or a structured Revision set of questions, tasks and knowledge based problems for them to complete which is issued and marked by a team of moderators.

Our Revision system offers:

  • Online Revision for any subject
  • Structured Timed Revision sessions for partial, full or extended periods
  • One off Revision
  • Besopke revision
  • Group / social work
  • Prepare students for exams
  • Create personalised revision programmes
  • Create own revision for individuals, cohorts, groups or target groups