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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

Foundation Learning

The qualifications and subjects that we offer allow your foundational students to follow personalised programmes and pathways that are tailored to their particular needs, interests and aspirations. Our e-portfolio and learning platform provides your students with a range of programmes that they can either work through independently or study at structured times and periods on or off-site.

Within EDLounge there are vocational subjects and a vast amount of different core and foundation subjects for the students to enhance their learning, alongside personal and social development aspects with a range of content for functional skills.

The design of EDLounge also enables support to be accessed by students and staff so that any specific programmes has initial assessment, advice, assessment and thorough support which adheres to government proposals.

EDLounge and our team of support teachers, officers, assessors and verifiers will offer comprehensive support, tracking, reporting and monitoring to enable young people to progress.

Call 01909 568 338 to find out how we can help your foundational students gain qualifications and enhance their core subjects knowledge and understanding.