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As of September 2014 it became compulsory to deliver languages to all children in Key Stage 2. 

This can be a real challenge if you don’t have a teacher with a specialist languages background to deliver the subject. We have created a package to address all your needs for your delivery of French. We have a language specialist to offer online support interactively to assist both your learners and staff.

Individual tasks, group tasks and class tasks all complement the learning within our ePortfolio. 


Please view our demonstration opposite to see how our Language ePortfolio can benefit your establishment.

Resource Packs

Each Resource Pack contains 3 Modules (allowing for 1 per term). Each Module contains about 10 lessons which are designed to be relevant, engaging and fun. Whether describing crazy monsters or looking at environmental issues, each lesson enables real progress to be made. Each lesson guides learners (and the teacher!) through the objectives.

Our Lessons

One lesson equates to one week’s work and could be delivered in one 30-40 minute session or in two 15-20 minute sessions. Each lesson has a range of activities to support learning and is designed to be delivered by non-specialists or to be accessed independently by learners.

All resources, lessons and tasks have embedded audio files to support and help develop pronunciation. A range of interactive activities, puzzles and quizzes are included to reinforce learning that will correspond with the new National Curriculum and Assessment without levels. We have conversations, animations, sound files, assessment methods and a range of interactive activities to engage your learners and develop their knowledge. Parents can also see the progress their children are making and support them in the homework lessons.

Our French Topics





Pack 1




greetings, name, age, 0-20

present tense – forms of avoir/s’appeller,

cardinal numbers,

cognates/near cognates



animals,colours, descriptions

genders of nouns, adjectives, connectives, relative clauses




family, hair/eyes, pets

genders of nouns, possessive adjectives – mon/ma/mes

use of 3rd person, adjectives, negatives

Pack 2




classroom objects, subjects, days, opinions, rooms

genders, negatives, plurals, prepositions, connectives



descriptions, parts of body, characteristics

adjectives – position and agreement



places in a town, directions, shops

future (je vais visiter)


use of on, adjectives

Pack 3


sports and activities, time phrases, places, people, equipment

use of ‘faire’ and ‘jouer’, present tense, past tense



clothes, seasons, sports, school uniform, opinions

adjective position and agreement, past tense, conditional (Je voudrais), use of ‘il faut’



breakfast, lunch, dinner, fast food, numbers 0-100

present tense, past tense

Pack 4



countries, holiday activities, accommodation, weather

future tense, past tense



environment, recycling

use of ‘il faut’,use of ‘pouvoir’



Covers a range of vocabuary, grammar and skills from all modules.


Our Portfolio

Each learner will have their own Portfolio/Passport of 'can do' statements linked to language and grammar skills which will support their transition to secondary school.

Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures” - KS2 Programme of Study.  Each Resource Pack has lessons on a variety of cultural topics to engage learners and develop their understanding of another country.


Language learning has so many benefits:

  • It stimulates creativity and the imagination
  • It develops literacy skills
  • It improves listening and speaking skills
  • It celebrates cultural diversity
  • It teaches strategies to improve learning in all curriculum areas


Our Language package has a three-tier price plan:

Level 1  (Teaching and Classroom Resources)

Price: £1995 per school per year (unlimited users). £4995 per school for 3 year subscription (unlimited users). 

This pack includes:

  • All teaching resources including interactive activities, embedded audio files to help with pronunciation and presentation materials
  • The facility to share the teacher account to teach the whole class
  • Lesson plans
  • All handouts


  • Multiple teacher accounts
  • Unique learner accounts to log in for class and home work
  • Multiple teacher logins with facility for tracking each year group
  • Comprehensive tracking, reporting and monitoring
  • Editable content
  • Multiple choice, 'Drags & Drops', Media files, Puzzles
  • Online support
  • Progress reports, baseline tests, end-of-lesson assessment and end-of-module assessment 
  • Parent accounts to view progress

Level 2 (Teaching, Classroom and Specialist Marking) 

Price: £3999 per school per year (for schools with under 100 pupils in Y3 - Y6) or £4750 per school per year (for schools with over 100 pupils in Y3 - Y6). £9995 for 3 years' subscription.

This pack includes:

  • All teaching resources including interactive activities, embedded audio files to help with pronunciation and presentation materials
  • Facility to share the teacher account to teach the whole class
  • End-of-module marking for speaking and writing assessments
  • Lesson plans
  • All handouts


  • Thorough marking and assessment by our specialist team of MFL teachers to offer corrections, feedback and tips for improvement to coincide with your assessment policies. Speaking, writing and punctuation is marked.
  • Multiple teacher accounts
  • Unique learner accounts to log in for class work and home work
  • Multiple teacher logins with facility for tracking each year group
  • Comprehensive tracking, monitoring and reporting
  • Editable content
  • Multiple choice, 'Drags & Drops', Media files, Puzzles
  • Online support
  • Instant downloadable Ofsted reports
  • Progress reports, baseline tests and assessment
  • Parent accounts to view progress

Example Lesson Plans

Here is an example of one of our French lesson plans:



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