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Game Based Learning

Our sister company is the place to be if you want young people to learn via gaming, we have games covering

  • PSHE
  • British Values
  • Prevent strategy
  • Internet Safety
  • Bullying 
  • Radicalisation
  • Modern Foreign Languages


  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • and much much more 

You can either get in touch via Tel: 01909 568338 - or visit EDArcade 

We will be happy to show you through the game, we have over 100 so maybe not all the games. 
We can tack and monitor all the students and what they are doing, monitoring progress and where they may be struggling.

A few of our great lessons, and  lookout in September 2018 for something truly amazing

  • Stranger Danger

    This is a great game teaching youngsters the dangers when meeting new strangers

    Topic/s: Dangers when meeting strangers

    Bin it

    Bin your negative thoughts and emotions

    Topic/s: Dealing with negative and positive thoughts

    Beer Dodge

    You are at a party and there is alcohol present, do you drink it or act sensible?  Dodge the beer and eat and drink the correct foods and drink.

    Topic/s: Alcohol Awareness, Dangers of Alcohol

    Rise above it

    Have the facility to laugh off positive and negative statements aimed at you through different people

    Topic/s: Negative comments are aimed at a you and this helps you deal with them

    Knock Knock

    This is an educational game teaching youngsters the dangers when meeting new strangers at their door

    Topic/s: Dangers when meeting strangers at the door

    St. Lizzie and the Maze of Life

    Navigate mazes and answer PSHE questions from magical question doors to proceed through 4 magical lands.

    Topic/s: PSHE contents

    Junk Food Dodge

    You are set in  canteen and it is your choice to eat healthy or not. Dodge the junk food to be quicker and faster!

    Topic/s: Dangers of Junk food, Healthy eating

    Book A Mood

    You are a donkey with a cart and you are asked to deal with a lot. Your stresses, emotions, thoughts and resilience statements are dropped onto the cart and the donkey must respond before too much gets on top of the donkey.

    Topic/s: Dangers of stress, resilience, Moods, Emotions

    Channel it

    How a person to channel their thoughts, emotions, mental thoughts and stresses.

    Topic/s: PSHE, emotions, statements, compliments, mental thoughts and stresses

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