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Our 'Gun, Knife and Gang Crime' lessons present key aspects of these issues in society. Here are some of the lessons available:

  • Arson: How Big is the Problem?
  • Criminal Convictions and their Consequences
  • Gang Culture
  • Gun Crime: Drugs
  • Gun Crime: Statistics
  • Gun Crime: What Can We Do to Deal With Gun Crime in the UK?
  • Gun Crime: Where Does Gun Crime Happen?
  • Gun Crime: Why Do People Commit Gun Crime?
  • Gun Crime: Why is the Law So Severe in the UK?
  • How Do People Get Guns?
  • Knife Crime
  • Knife Crime: Penalties
  • Knife Crime: Statistics
  • Knife Crime: Why is the Law So Severe?
  • Knife Crime in London
  • Knife Crime Statistics
  • Laws on Offensive Weapons
  • Offensive Weapons: The Law
  • Racism and the Law: Revision
  • Severity of Knife Crime Laws
  • Stop and Search
  • The Citizen and the Law
  • The Legal System and Those Involved
  • The Penalties for Knife Crime
  • To Explore the Dangers of 'Joyriding'
  • TWOC: What Is iI?
  • TWOC: The Consequences
  • TWOC: The Dangers
  • TWOC: What is Being Done About It?
  • What are Gangs?
  • What is Crime?
  • What is Gang Culture?
  • Why do People Commit Arson?
  • Why do Young People Carry Knives?

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