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Subjects and Courses

Our Horticulture lessons can be placed in personalised pathways or serve as a subject set of lessons in itself::

  • Assisting with Collecting Propagation Materials
  • Assisting with Controlling Common Pests and Diseases
  • Assisting with Planting
  • Assisting with Preparing Propagation Materials
  • Assisting with Preparing to Propagate Plants and Seeds
  • Assisting with Established Plants
  • Carrying Out Planting
  • Controlling Pests and Diseases
  • Identifying Presence of Common Pest and Disease
  • Maintaining Grass Surfaces
  • Working Safely
  • Working Safely: Established Plants
  • Working Safely: Grass
  • Controlling Unwanted Plants
  • Cleaning and Storing Tools and Equipment.
  • Collecting and Storing Seeds
  • Common Pests and Diseases
  • Establishing Propagation Material
  • Establishing Propagation Materials in a Growing Environment
  • Collecting Propagation Materials
  • How to Sow Seeds and Provide Immediate Aftercare
  • Use and Maintain Gardening Tools
  • Identifying the Common Pests and Diseases
  • Control Unwanted Plants
  • Maintaining Grass Surfaces
  • Maintaining the Health of Plants
  • Maintaining the Health of Plants: Flowers
  • Maintaining the Health of Plants: Fruit & Vegetables
  • Maintaining the Health of Plants: Herbs
  • Preparing Propagation Material
  • Preparing to Propagate Plants
  • Know How to Work Safely (Pests Disease)
  • Plants Grown From Existing Plants by Collecting Seeds, Cuttings or Dividing
  • Preparing and Using the Required Tools and Equipment
  • Sow Seeds Under Supervision
  • Tools and Equipment to Maintain Grass Surfaces

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