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International Education

There are various ways EDLounge can be incorporated into International Schools:

EDLounge: Via Personalised Learning Pathways created for learners and timetabled, live, online support.

EDClass +: a remote learning application designed to help break barriers to learning; ideal for ESOL learners but also any learners studying BTECs, GCSEs and iGCSE courses  with assistance through EDLounge qualified teachers, live in our UK offices.

EDVirtual: our Virtual Classroom enables you to help all learners (ESOL, underachieving, remote learners or students catch-up), attend an online classroom and gain qualifications, either with your own teachers or ours. 

EDSimple: is our School Management Platform and learning environment.

This powerful tool can assist your school in:

  • enhancing the GCSE, iGCSE and BTEC qualification provision for your 14-19 curriculum
  • offering vocational and academic courses to all your learners at all levels
  • raising attainment: International School performance and Value Added
  • improving the subject content that your establishment can deliver
  • creating bespoke learning pathways for individual learners
  • tracking homework and revision
  • helping deliver a range of subjects and qualifications that perhaps your teachers’ expertise does not cater for
  • engaging and motivating learners with low literacy and numeracy levels
  • supporting students’ development
  • improving behaviour 
  • offering distance learning packages for learners
  • increasing attendance 
  • delivering education to remote areas
  • plotting and recording learners’ progress and tracking learners’ achievement

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