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Our Policies

EDClass and EDQuals use extensive tracking systems.

Annually, the Quality Assurer and Management will discuss with the Assessors, IVs and LIVs all aspects of their work and make records of the effectiveness of staff. We will track the following to monitor and evaluate effectiveness:

  • Passes
  • Fails
  • Average times
  • Grades
  • Flagged issues
  • Disputes and appeals
  • Mitigating circumstances
  • Extenuating circumstances

Tracking informs and allows: 

  • Bespoke lessons
  • Individual coursework learning pathways for learners to follow
  • Expected timings, attendance and grading for groups and individuals (to match requirements)
  • Tracking of vocational, foundation, and core subjects and those set as Alternative Provision
  • Creation of learning pathways to match schemes of work and units of study
  • Viewing learners' records and learners' answers
  • Viewing coursework answers, grades, timings
  • Viewing comments / free text responses
  • Seeing time spent on lessons and coursework
  • Awarding Levels for answers for KS1 - KS3 learners (including sub-levels)
  • Grading answers for GCSE and KS4 students 
  • Awarding foundation learners pass, merit, distinction, or fail
  • Marking coursework answers
  • Converting performance grades to predicted grades
  • Converting performance grades to aspiration grades
  • Deciding time allocation for coursework
  • Tracking, monitoring and rewarding progress with instant reporting
  • Showing a learner's progress by subject and/or term through graphical data
  • Uploading their own lessons
  • Awarding extra bonus points for good work, behaviour and citizenship
  • Adding files, handouts and coursework files to enhance learners' progress 
  • Instant messenger (constant communication)
  • Viewing graphical data regarding progress and grades to their FFT grades, predicted grades, aspiration grades and performance over time (months, weeks, terms or a year) - every subject can be tracked

This will therefore enable EDClass staff to TRACK and RECORD every learner's performance at any time and anywhere.

Created: Jan 2018
Last reviewed: Jan 2019
Next review: Jan 2020

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