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New BTEC (Next Generation) Mock Exams Only

New BTEC (Next Generation) Mock Exams Only Available Online from EDLounge

This brand new facility of EDLounge enables students to complete online mock exams at any time using their own unique login details.

Our aim is for students to be familiar with exam layouts, types of questions, and the pressures of the new BTEC exam terminology.

The mocks will give the students the ability to experience and practise the type of questioning they will encounter in their  new BTEC exams. Their work will then be marked by our qualified exam staff and fed back to the students to help them identify areas for improvement.

You can choose from numerous exam subjects available, these include:  Applied Science, Creative Media, Business Studies, P.E, I.C.T, and Hospitality.

We have three options available to you and your students to help prepare them and improve their exam techniques:

1) Open Mock Exam

Access available to EDLounge at any time for the students.

2) Custom Mock Exam

The access to EDLounge and its content can be timetabled to fit around your school day and unlocked at certain times for your students to complete.

3) Closed ‘Out of Hours’ Mock Exam

The exams would become available out of school hours only. This would mean students having to use their own time to study.

Mock Exam Choices

The mocks can be purchased either as 1 or in a bundle of 3.

A singular purchase would enable the student to access the exam online at the time specified by you. Our team of BTEC experts including assessors, markers and verifiers will then provide the student with feedback. This feedback can also be viewed by staff.

With the purchase of multiple exams, you have the option to give students their first mock, await the feedback from the BTEC experts, go through this with them and then decide when the next mock is to be taken. Results are tracked online and can be viewed by staff anytime using your own teacher logins, meaning that progression will be clearly visible.

A free demonstration of how the EDLounge mock exams work and are displayed is available upon request.