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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

Our Methodology

Our unique methodology gives every child the chance to succeed through the study of core, foundation, vocation, and academic subjects. Each child will have a unique learning pathway created for them, complete with goals, targets, milestones, and rewards. Our team of experts offer constant support and assistance for your students, who must complete lessons, tasks and puzzles.

For each qualification, the students submit coursework online which we then assess and grade. We have over 30 teachers and advisors providing content for us, alongside 15–20 assessors, internal verifiers and lead internal verifiers to ensure that all work submitted receives the best attention for marking, pre-assessment or assessment.

You will have full transparency of the whole process including the pupil’s progress through EDLounge's tracking area. This means that you will still be eligible to receive funding.

EDLounge has four main areas...

EDLounge - Personalised Learning

Is a learning platform to help your students improve their outcomes through a personalised e-learning pathway

EDCLass - Remote  Learning

Is a remote learning application designed to help break barriers to learning with assistance through EDLounge qualified and assisted tutors 

EDVirtual - Virtual Classroom

Is the Virtual Classroom which your staff can used to help disengaged students gain qualifications, attend an online classroom and achieve their goals 

EDSimple - School Management Platform

The most comprehensive School Improvement Management Platform and Learning Environment. EDSimple will stream line your whole school practices