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Our Policies

EDLounge aims to be inclusive for ALL and to provide a quality service. Literally anyone, anywhere can learn through EDQuals. As long as they can access the world wide web then they can get started. The whole process should be simple for individuals, schools and establishments. EDLounge staff and support will help 24/7 regarding access via the online chat and FAQs.

EDLounge aims:

  • to register individual learners on the correct programme within agreed timescales
  • to claim valid learner certificates within agreed timescales
  • to construct a secure, accurate and accessible audit trail to ensure that individual learner registration and certification claims can be tracked to the certificate which is issued for each learner

In order to do this, EDLounge will:

  • register each learner according to the awarding body requirements
  • provide a mechanism for programme teams to check the accuracy of learner registrations
  • make each learner aware of their registration status
  • inform the awarding body of withdrawals, transfers or changes to learner details

The EDLounge registration and certification process:

  • STAGE 1: Contact EDLounge about the learners using EDLounge and EDQuals (TEL: 01909 568 338). The learners are assigned usernames, passwords and PIN numbers alongside their candidate number.

We would register each individual candidate with the examination boards' online systems if a school / educational establishment:

  • is new to the process
  • wants EDLounge to do all IV / Assessing / LIV – i.e. the whole process
  • has lost the IV / LIV at their centre
  • does not have experience
  • is the local council
  • STAGE 2: Register the individuals with the relevant examination / governing body.
  • STAGE 3: An individual completes the learning lessons, does tasks to gain knowledge, answers quizzes and questions. They then complete preliminary tasks to gain knowledge and understanding.
  • STAGE 4: They then download the assignment brief from EDLounge. Complete tasks to match assessment criteria.
  • STAGE 5: Then they upload evidence into submission files (like attaching a document to an email).
  • STAGE 6: This evidence/piece of coursework is then submitted to the EDQuals Support Team ready to be processed and assessed by EDQuals Pre-assessors, Assessors, IV, and LIV.
  • STAGE 7: The Assessors, IV, and LIV check and quality assure the work done.
  • STAGE 8: Feedback, Targets, Gradings and Comments are given.
  • STAGE 9: When an External Verifier looks at an individual e-portfolio, assignment, unit, brief, comments and targets, they see the complete system and process in use with just one simple tool because any aspect of this process can be viewed instantaneously with the touch of a button. Work can be reviewed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Group and pupil analysis can also be viewed with clear graphical data.
  • STAGE 10: You are successful and are awarded the qualification(s)!
  • Our reward is, hopefully, individuals getting quality assessment and verification through the whole process which will, potentially, help them in their future and the world of work. 

Our Certification Stages

We will then :

  • ensure that certificate claims are timely and based solely on internally-verified assessment records
  • issue certificates to schools/establishments/individuals
  • audit certificate claims made to the awarding body
  • audit the certificates received from the awarding body to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • keep all records safely and securely for three years post-certification

All information, files, and data will be stored, and backed up onto secure servers in the cloud, a secure remote site and within EDLounge premises.

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months.

Created: Jan 2018
Last reviewed: Jan 2019
Next review: Jan 2020

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