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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

Remote Learning

The Remote Learning aspect within EDLounge has three distinct areas. These are EDClass, EDVirtual and EDClass+.

EDClass is the virtual learning platform where EDLounge teachers will support your students whilst they are using our learning platform and our learning pathways to educate your students.

EDVirtual allows your school staff to teach your students using our online platform and our virtual classrooms, with a live video stream that is automatically backed up and saved.  The EDLounge tech support team will be available to support your staff and your students. 

EDClass+ combines the EDClass learning platform and EDVirtual live video stream with EDLounge teachers concentrating on your short term off-site students PLUS allowing your teachers to concentrate on your long term off-site students using the same application

These are all using the same application but we have categorised them to simplify them for your understanding.