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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

Save Budget

The 3-in-1 Model

The 3-in-1 model approach addresses issues in schools which allows the EDLounge system to be used in cover, inclusion and foundation learning to raise knowledge, understanding and learning (with our support) whilst saving you thousands of pounds, along with many other benefits.

The benefits of using the 3 in 1 approach are:

  • Improve behaviour
  • Allows teaching and learning to be focused
  • Raise attendance
  • Raise qualifications whole school and for foundational learners
  • Reduce exclusions
  • Save thousands in budget!
  • You have a qualified support officer on EDLounge support 24/7

The background

When working with a focus group, it was made paramount from the head that all aspects of the teaching and learning followed clear pathways for the students and they achieved specific objectives under supervision. This supervision (our support) is the key, alongside addressing the new Ofsted framework for students in literacy, numeracy and behaviour within these lessons. This was achieved just by using the EDLounge 3-in-1 software. 

The process to save money involves a whole school approach using:

  • Unique 24/7 support from our team of experts for all involved
  • Specialist in cover, inclusion, and foundational learning
  • Raising ICT usage

Our deals within the 3-in-1 model:

  • We offer a deal that includes 30, 40 and 50 Androids with the latest technology that allows you to achieve the levels of cost savings that was found within our case (secret no.1)
  • High quality approach to teaching and learning (secret no. 2)
  • Development of teaching assistants’ roles and responsibilities for the whole school (secret no. 3)

How does it all work?

The cover resource reduces the pressure placed on teachers and saves substantial amounts of budget, whilst allowing all aspects of teaching and learning to be adhered to.

The inclusion aspect enables the facility to offer a range of subjects and content for those who are challenging, de-motivated and disengaged, whilst saving exclusion costs and enabling the school to be totally inclusive (the outstanding Ofsted report we have from Brixham College, Torbay, shows this).

The foundation learning side helps save thousands of £s in the budget through saving on off-site costs, as everything is uniquely done within the system when working with the examination boards.

Finally, the support aspect allows EDLounge to offer support to your students in all three areas, meaning that they have access to communicate online with experts at all times (which will also save your budget).

3 in 1 model