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EDLounge can enable your school and especially your Multi-Academy Trust to save a lot of your budget by using our approach, portal and methodology. Our supervision and reporting tools with your direction and support is the initial key to saving a great deal of your budget and bringing everything in-house. Saving money involves a whole-school approach:

  • unique 24/7 support from our team of experts for all involved and bringing the Alternative Provision in-house
  • specialists in cover, inclusion, and foundational learning
  • a high quality approach to learning and teaching
  • improve behaviour
  • reduce exclusions
  • bring cover in–house
  • allow learning and teaching to be focused for each individual
  • raise attendance
  • become totally inclusive
  • use the portal for homework, catch-up, CPD, assemblies and transition
  • using EDSimple as your whole school management and learning environment

You can use EDClass Plus to save budget by:

  • using EDLounge as your Alternative Provision
  • delivering a 6th day provision
  • using our qualified teachers and support officers for those students in isolation, exclusion, off-site, in Alternative Provision, behaviour unit so that they all have a personalised and individualised learning pathway on EDLounge with support 24/7

Schools and especially PRUs can also use the Virtual Classroom to:

  • educate your own learners that are hard-to-reach, school phobic, anxious and with mental health issues so that costs are drastically reduced
  • reduce travel and expenses costs
  • educate learners virtually that are hard-to-reach and have barriers to learning

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