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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

School Improvement

If you're disappointed with outcomes at your school this year EDLounge through the help of our partner schools have enabled us to help them to:

  • Improve GCSE results
  • Increase engagement and attendance
  • Enable every student to have a perosnalised learning pathway structured to schemes and ability
  • Implement a behaviour and reward model
  • Reduce staff workload through increased efficiency
  • Tailor your assessment to each department
  • Educate those students that are hard to reach, breaking down barriers via the virtual classroom
  • Offer remote learning for all regardless of ability
  • Reduce exclusions and incidents
  • Create rigorous assessment methods for students via the learning platform
  • Develop resources through innovative mediums
  • View performance management and progress made
  • View instant reporting and monitoring
  • Show actual up to date progress for staff, students and departments
  • Provide a central area to CPD, deliver assemblies and presentations
  • Support all students and parents
  • Offer virtual tutoring, mentoring and assistance
  • Deliver catch up programmes
  • Use a range of intervention strategies
  • Tackle Transitional Issues
  • Boosts low Literacy and Numeracy programmes
  • Comprehensive and bespoke tracking, monitoring and reporting
  • Comparison charts, data and graphs
  • Deliver an Off site provision
  • Content mapped to Core, academic and vocational curriculum

Finally…. Our Platform is easy to implement as we offer

  • SIMS Technical Partner
  • Single Sign on
  • Ofsted Inspection Report Creator
  • School Email Network & Calendar Integration.
  • Secure Access To School Network Folders.
  • Email compatible (internal and external emails)
  • Internal notifications
  • Staff notices daily & weekly
  • Linked to personal, school, department calendar
  • Any device any anywhere
  • Parental access