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Whole School Improvement

If you're disappointed with outcomes at your school this year EDLounge through the help of our partner schools have enabled us to help them to:

  • Improve GCSE results
  • Increase engagement and attendance
  • Enable every student to have a perosnalised learning pathway structured to schemes and ability
  • Implement a behaviour and reward model
  • Reduce staff workload through increased efficiency
  • Tailor your assessment to each department
  • Educate those students that are hard to reach, breaking down barriers via the virtual classroom
  • Offer remote learning for all regardless of ability
  • Reduce exclusions and incidents
  • Create rigorous assessment methods for students via the learning platform
  • Develop resources through innovative mediums
  • View performance management and progress made
  • View instant reporting and monitoring
  • Show actual up to date progress for staff, students and departments
  • Provide a central area to CPD, deliver assemblies and presentations
  • Support all students and parents
  • Offer virtual tutoring, mentoring and assistance
  • Deliver catch up programmes
  • Use a range of intervention strategies
  • Tackle Transitional Issues
  • Boosts low Literacy and Numeracy programmes
  • Comprehensive and bespoke tracking, monitoring and reporting
  • Comparison charts, data and graphs
  • Deliver an Off site provision
  • Content mapped to Core, academic and vocational curriculum

Finally…. Our Platform is easy to implement as we offer

  • SIMS Technical Partner
  • Single Sign on
  • Ofsted Inspection Report Creator
  • School Email Network & Calendar Integration.
  • Secure Access To School Network Folders.
  • Email compatible (internal and external emails)
  • Internal notifications
  • Staff notices daily & weekly
  • Linked to personal, school, department calendar
  • Any device any anywhere
  • Parental access

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