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What is a Community Sport and Health Officer?

The key role of a Community Sport and Health Officer (CSHO) is to initiate behaviour changes in local residents and engage them in sport and physical activity across local communities.

CSHOs will scope, organise and coordinate activities for local communities to get more physically active.

Apprenticeship Standard

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A CSHO requires:

  • a comprehensive understanding of the principles of behaviour change
  • an ability to adapt delivery to suit different groups in society
  • knowledge of how to manage and lead colleagues or volunteers
  • practical experience of how to develop and devise appropriate sports or physical activity programmes
  • the expectations of collaborative work with a network of partners/stakeholders


A CSHO will be equipped with knowledge including:

  • how to initiate meaningful behaviour change using a strength and asset-based approach
  • how to plan programmes of engaging and innovative activities using sport and physical exercise
  • what constitutes an effective sport or physical activity programme and how to measure customer satisfaction
  • understanding the causes, social determinants and distribution of health inequalities
  • how sport and physical activity can be used to prevent, minimise and manage anti-social behaviour or low level criminality


A CSHO will understand and be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • successful application of tactics and strategies to empower people from inactive and hard-to-reach populations to take up an active lifestyle
  • managing and adapting personal behaviours to ensure provision is inclusive, customer-focused and accessible
  • supporting people in target communities to become involved in the preparation, planning and delivery of sports and activities
  • problem-solving and effective decision-making with regards to the design and implementation of sport and physical activity programmes
  • managing disruptive behaviour of clients and customers before, during and after activities


A CSHO will exhibit the following behaviour:

  • a strong work ethic including attention to detail, willingness to adapt to change and time management
  • a positive attitude to work and the ability to act as a role model in their local community
  • ability to work individually and as a member of a team
  • truthful, sincere and trustworthy in their actions - can demonstrate integrity by doing the right things
  • high levels of emotional intelligence
  • a willingness to learn and contribute to their own Continuing Professional Development

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