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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting

Within the system teachers, SLT and assistants can:

  • Create bespoke lessons
  • Individually track coursework and learning pathways for students to follow
  • Track time, attendance and grading for groups and individuals (to match requirements)
  • Track vocational, foundation and core learning through an alternative provision
  • Track and record time, attendance and grading for groups and individuals
  • Program a pathway to match schemes of work and units of study
  • View students’ records and lesson answers
  • View coursework answers, grades and timing
  • View comments/free text questions/written assignments
  • View drags and drops, puzzles and quiz responses
  • View level answers for KS1 – KS3 students on levels 1 – 7 and Exceptional performer. These also include sub divisions of grading levels (i.e. a,b,c for each level)
  • View level answers for GCSE and KS4 students from A* to U
  • View level answers for foundation learning students for Pass, Merit, Distinction, Fail
  • View performance to compare with predicted grades and/or aspiration grades
  • Compare student performance in target groups, classes and year groups
  • Have instant reporting to track, monitor and reward progress for individual’s responses to tasks
  • Show a student’s progress by subject and/or term via graphical data
  • Upload their own lessons and set coursework
  • Award extra bonus points for good work, behaviour and citizenship
  • Add files, handouts and coursework files to enhance students' learning, progress and pathway
  • Constant communication available via instant messenger
  • View graphical data regarding progress and grades to student’s FFT grades, predicted grades, aspiration grades and performance over time: months, weeks, terms or a year.
  • Every subject can be tracked