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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

Sheffield Inclusion Testimonial Sheffield Inclusion Testimonial

Casey, 16, from Sheffield, has struggled to find her feet in mainstream education and completely stopped attending due to her confidence, low self-esteem and preferring her own company. Sheffield...

Testimonial from The Co-operative Academy of Manchester Testimonial from The Co-operative Academy of Manchester

"The cooperative academy have been the highest attending high school  in Manchester for the last four years and constantly strive to keep the attendance at a high level, We currently have ...

EDVirtual Case Study: Our 6 Week Journey EDVirtual Case Study: Our 6 Week Journey

A six weeks Case Study   Cohort: A cohort of 15 students, who are not just school refusers but also “PRU refusers” Objectives: To use the EDVirtual (Virtual classroom)...

There are 4 main elements within the EDLounge framework
EDLounge is a unique platform to help your students improve their outcomes through a personalised e-learning pathway.
EDClass is a remote learning application designed to help break barriers to learning with online assistance through EDLounge qualified and assisted tutors using the personalised e-learning aspects.
EDVirtual is the virtual classroom element where our staff, or your staff, can be used to help any learner attend an online classroom bespoke to your organisation and enable them to achieve their goals alongside the e-learning aspects, support and administration. EDLounge support staff can also assist, administer and deliver sessions, too within the partnership.
EDSIMPLE is the most comprehensive School Improvement Management Platform and Learning Environment. EDSimple will stream line your whole school practices, raise standards and increase whole school outcomes.