Off the Job

Off-the-job training is defined as learning which is undertaken outside of day-to-day work duties and leads toward the achievement of the apprenticeship. 

This training takes place within the apprentice’s normal (contracted) working hours and within our platform it can record and track this instantly and at ease by the apprentice, tutor and employer. The off-the-job training can also be highlighted where it has taken place (including the workplace, off-site, classroom or from home via distance learning). 

Apprentices can easily evidence the 20% off the job training through the eportfolio for:  

  • Pictures and videos
  • Lectures, seminars and webinars
  • Relevant reading
  • Peer discussions
  • Preparation for exams and assessment
  • Discussions with staff, clients, assessors and tutors and management
  • Shadowing 
  • Online learning for additional support and guidance 
  • Industry open days
  • Professional networking
  • Assignment writing
  • Product training
  • Demonstrations
  • Roleplay and simulated exercises
  • Visit other departments, businesses or government departments
  • Understanding and maintenance of equipment and machinery 
  • Visits, exhibitions, trade fairs, wedding fairs
  • Assessments, group and individual assignments
  • Competitions
  • Sale rep consultations and testimonials 
  • Different software training
  • Shadowing bosses and mentors
  • Team projects
  • Training on the platform

The 20% off-the-job training provides the time to focus and develop the required skills, knowledge and behaviours to achieve the apprenticeship. There are lots of activities that can contribute to off-the-job training. The key thing to remember is that it must be relevant to the apprenticeship and these can all be viewed, added and tracked within the whole eportfolio for the apprenticeship to record their off the job hours and development.