Apprenticeship eportfolio

The Apprenticeship eportfolio through EDLounge allows your training provision to deliver apprenticeships that are learner-focused, capturing a range of activities and key learning, assessment and standards. 

EDLounge eportfolio and platform facilitate a mixture of online or classroom workshops, assessments and online resources for self-study to make your provision diverse alongside monitoring their progress and off the job training logs. 

The eportfolio and apprenticeship platform will ensure all the ongoing requirements are met and that the learner is fully supported throughout their apprenticeship. 

EDLounge apprenticeship eportfolio

The eportfolio and platform allow you to manage a learner's entire learning journey, providing a platform for exams, coursework, observation live assessments and observations. Apprentices use the platform to evidence their skill, behaviour and knowledge developed during their programme to address the standard via:

  • Learning
  • Assignments
  • Portfolio submissions of evidence
  • Observations
  • Presentations
  • Competence and vocational tests
  • Interviews

The platform enables

  • Learning and Coursework submission
  • Assignment submission
  • Evidence uploader
  • Evidence for milestones and 'on the job' skills training
  • Standards, knowledges, skills and behaviour analysis
  • Key Skills tracker

Our Apprenticeship eportfolio and platform allows you and your tutors, assessors and quality team to conduct:

  • Face-to-face visits by the regional trainer
  • Practical on-the-job learning and observations
  • Off-the-job tracking
  • Progress tracking to 
    • standards
    • competencies
    • knowledge
    • behaviours
    • skills
    • qualifications
  • Virtual workshops and webinars.
  • Online resources for self-study.
  • Rolling apprenticeship starts and cohort delivery.

Helping you with your apprenticeship curriculum and sequencing

The EDLounge Curriculum and delivery is tailored throughout our eportfolio to meet the individual learning styles to support academic and the special educational/personal development needs of the apprentice. The platform has been built by us with our apprenticeships who have gone through their whole provision, gateway and their end point assessments using and creating the platform over the past 2 years. The design of the platform and the personalised learning curriculum enables live teaching support to be accessed by students and staff, on or off-site. All programmes and curriculum include initial assessment, advice, on-going and end assessment with support throughout, which adheres to government proposals. EDLounge has a range of hybrid, flexible, blended teaching to deliver the curriculum and its teams of support teachers, officers, assessors and verifiers will offer comprehensive support, tracking, monitoring and reporting to enable learners to make progress.

Our apprenticeship eportfolio and platform enable them access to a portfolio that combines practical training on the job with study so that you and your provision can sequence learning and work alongside experienced staff for all apprentices on roll to gain job-specific skills and get time for study related to their role which is specific for each course. 

Our digital curriculum within our platform includes wider learning in respect of safeguarding, Prevent and British Values through our on-demand content to support your whole curriculum which is part of our eportfolio. The blended learning approach and delivery styles ensure that the apprentice has the support and resources needed to successfully achieve their apprenticeship.

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