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Functional Skills

We have three options available to you and your learners to help them prepare for their Functional Skills exams and develop their techniques:

1) Open Mock Exams which learners can access at any time

2) Custom Mock Exams is where the access to EDLounge and its content can be timetabled to fit around your school day and unlocked at certain times for your students to complete

3) Closed ‘Out of Hours’ Mock Exams means the lessons and exams would become available out of school hours only. This would mean your learners working in their own time to study

Our Exam Bundles

The mocks can be purchased either individually or in a bundle of 2 or 6.

A singular purchase would enable the student to work through the lesson pathway in a particular subject and take a practice Functional Sills exam at the end. This pathway and exam can be taken multiple times throughout the year leading up to the real thing.

The purchase of multiple mock Functional Skills exams means, of course, your learners can develop expertise in responding to the different topics and styles of question. With a multiple exams purchase you can specify at what times learners will sit exams or how regularly. Bundles can also help learners who get particularly anxious about exams; continual practice can help them develop strategies to manage their anxiety. 

All purchases include lessons we have designed specifically to cover the whole set of criteria for each Functional Skills subject and level. Also included are the features for tracking and monitoring your learners' progress, together with our unique online teacher support, whose expertise includes internal and external assessing and verifying and Awarding Body examining. 

We mark the exams and give the feedback, inline with your establishment's Marking Policy.

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