Digital Learning

What is Digital Learning? 

As EDLounge Ltd is an established, recognised and experienced provider of digital learning The term "Digital learning"  means that learning is delivered and facilitated by online education technology. This gives learners of all ages some element of control over time, place, path and/or pace. This means that learning is no longer restricted to the school, college, university or training provider working hours, providing a more flexible and accessible learning experience. 


Some Advantages of Digital Learning

  • Engagement: improved motivation from engaging lesson content, accessing live and recorded teaching, quick assessment feedback, conducting distance reviews, appraisals, submitting coursework and/or uploading assignments, and engaging in educational game-based strategies.
  • Time: extending the learning day and year, allowing students to learn when they learn best.
  • Location: anytime, anywhere creates a new world of opportunity.
  • Pacing: allowing students to progress at their own rate away from the pressure of large numbers of learners in classroom-based learning.   
  • Can be quickly accessed by other parties such as parents, guardians, carers, teachers and assessors.



Please note: COVID-19 remains a serious risk to health, so always follow the latest Government guidelines and stay safe! 

EDLounge would like to thank the NHS and all the key workers for their ongoing hard work and commitment, to providing urgent healthcare during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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